Billing & Mailing

Mailing/Billing Services

Delivering bills which are accurate and timely is important to all businesses. Being able to do this with the ability to strengthen relationships with customers is invaluable. API’s Print and Mail service utilizes an enterprise document automation technology to provide a comprehensive platform for creating and personalizing all types of documents, including bills. The result is the ability to produce sophisticated, complex transactional documents at very competitive prices.

Printed bills can incorporate highlight spot colors to attract attention. The automated process to match and attach support documents to bills is effortless and fast, thus reducing turnaround time required deliver the bill and improving cash flow. Pre-printed marketing inserts can also be combined with mailings to extract the most value out of the postage expense.

Bills are transformed into marketing tools by the customer’s ability to insert custom marketing messages directly into the bill. A web portal enables customers to preview bills, execute transfers to printer queue and insert messages. The ability to insert custom marketing messages provides customers with the opportunity to sell additional products and services, promote payment options, or inform customers about changes to products or services.


Dedicated TeamWork

WML is a leading business process outsourcing provider in finance and accounting outsourcing supporting both front-office and back-office automation to reduce costs, strengthen controls and improve service levels. Through a combination of WML’s expertise, scalable technology, standardized processes, efficient delivery centers and world-class customer care staff; WML is able to provide customers with innovative services which meet their service and budget requirements. WML’s senior leadership brings expertise to accounts payable, accounts receivable & document management solutions. Learn how our first class client care team will take care of your finance and accounting outsourcing needs.

Benefits of Billing/Mailing Services

When billing is outsourced, a company saves money on monthly salaries and benefits for those who would do in-house billing. Flat rates charged by billing companies are generally less than what it would cost to staff an employee to do the same job. Companies who outsource also do not have to purchase or maintain medical billing software and computer equipment.Because billing companies have the sole purpose of getting billing correct, they are less likely to make errors. Billing companies are equipped with the knowledge and equipment to ensure that claims and bills are submitted in a thorough, speedy process.  This reduces the amount of denied or rejected claims.